Potterton - Totally dependable

Potterton is a UK boiler manufacturer that has been in operation since 1850. We are not like your conventional boiler manufacturer, we place the requirements of both the social housing market and newbuild market at our nucleus and continue to serve these markets with the best products and services available.   Here you will find information on Potterton and our relationships, history , mission and CSR program. 



About Potterton

People have been depending on us for over 150 years, because Potterton is totally dependable

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potterton history

Our History

Potterton has 150 years experience in the heating industry- now you can see how we have remained pioneers

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Potterton Commercial

Our sister company, Potterton Commercial can support you for larger domestic installations as well as commercial or industrial applications

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how can we support your project

Contact your Business Development Manager

Your BDM can let you know how Potterton can support your projects

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Corporate social responsibility

We are fully committed to our Company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, and we strive to work in a sustainable and decent way

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Mission, vision and values

Our mission, vision and values are at the heart of everything we do as a business

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About us

Totally dependable.