Protection plans

We offer a number of protection plans for homeowners who are in or out of warranty. Starting from just £11.00 a month, our out-of-warranty plans prevent costly and unexpected repairs if something goes wrong with your boiler.
You'll have full access to our nationwide network of engineers who - with their first time fix rate of 95% - will have your boiler or heating system up and running again in no time. You'll be covered for up to £1500 worth of approved repairs to your boiler or heating system every year, while our in-warranty plans ensure that you never miss an annual service.

All protection plans are managed by Baxi Customer Support. Visit the Baxi website to find out more or to get a quote.


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For tenants in social housing that are interested in a protection plan, please get in touch with your housing association or landlord as they may already have a service agreement in place.

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